Why The Laravel Framework Is Best Than Other Frameworks

Selecting the right framework for an application is one of the trickiest aspects during the initial stages of project development. The general criteria for the development team while choosing a framework include the cost of development, their experience in handling the framework, the popularity of the platform, etc.

Among other factors, developers have to consider third-party integrations, deployment, testing, and a few others. All of these factors need deliberate consideration. Here you will learn why most developers prefer Laravel over other platforms.

The task of selecting the right PHP framework while developing a web application for your company can be quite tedious and problematic. After all, there are too many options with regards to frameworks available these days.

For the last few years, almost every reputable laravel development company has been resorting to Laravel. The experts of these companies say that it is one of the best frameworks currently available, especially when a developer uses PHP coding to create a website.

These web development firms also worked and tested other PHP frameworks as well. However, when they required additional capabilities and features, they found nothing better than Laravel.

Those experts of the laravel development company want to inform you everything that they found in their ventures.

  1. Authorization Techniques:

The PHP development framework of Laravel eases implementation and authentication techniques. It configures almost everything to perfection. Laravel bestows a very simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to different resources.

2. Object-Oriented Libraries:

Since Laravel is the best PHP framework; it led to the creation of companies that specifically provide laravel web development services. It comes with Object-Oriented libraries and several other pre-installed ones.

You won’t find them in any other PHP framework. One of the popular pre-installed libraries includes the Authentication library. It possesses several advanced features such as checking active users, password resetting, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption.

3. About Artisan:

The Laravel framework has an inbuilt tool called Artisan. This particular tool allows developers to perform most of the repetitive and tedious programming matters. It may other force developers to avoid programming manually.

4. Support of MVC:

Another reason that led to the formation of a dedicated laravel development company is it supports MVC architecture including Symfony. This feature ensures clarity between logic and presentation.

MVC aids in improving performance, enhancing documentation, and has several inbuilt functionalities.

5. Security Features:

Laravel bears the responsibility of security within its framework. It hides passwords through the “hash” character. It means that no one will be able to save the password as plain text in the database.

This framework also uses prepared SQL statements that make injection attacks ineffective.

6. Migration of Databases:

When it comes to the Laravel framework database migrations, the task becomes as easy as it can be. You just have to make sure that you keep all the database work in seeds and migrations.

In doing so, you can easily migrate all the changes into any other development machine that you have.

7. Excellent Tutorials:

The learning phase of a developer never reaches an end. Naturally, developers have to continue learning new things to deliver better and more enhanced projects. Laravel comes with a feature called Laracasts.

It is a mixture of free and paid video tutorials that show you the ways of using Laravel for development. Jeffery Way is an expert instructor who creates these video lessons.

The quality of all the videos is high, and the lessons are perfect well-thought-out and meaningful.

8. Blade Templating Engine:

Expert providers of laravel web development services speak highly of the Blade templating engine of the Laravel framework. Before starting developing, developers should learn web development trends.It is uniquely intuitive and helps developers to work with typical HTML/PHP spaghetti. That is why Laravel is one of the best frameworks of all time.

9. Responsible Interface:

The Responsible Interface is a newly added feature in the Laravel framework. It came out when the developers of the framework release Laravel 5.5. It is a class that implements the interface that you can return by using the controller method.

10. Automatic Package Discovery:

Laravel 5.5 came out with a series of new features. You already know about Responsable Interface. Another new feature is the Automatic Package Discovery system.

It detects packages automatically that users wish to install. It means that users don’t have to set up any aliases or providers while installing new packages in Laravel.

Laravel 5.5 further allows developers to disable this feature for a few specific packages.

Final Words

Laravel became exceptionally popular as a web development framework among software developers who design custom solutions for business organizations mainly.

IT professionals throughout the world appreciate the robust features, simple yet secure authentication mechanism, well-thought homestead, elegant syntax pattern, and affordable price of Laravel.

Today, there are fourteen versions of Laravel available. It was in August of 2017 when the latest version called Laravel 5.5 appeared.

Apart from everything else, the incredible features that Laravel provides contribute to the popularity of this framework. Furthermore, Laravel comes with extensive community support too.

If a business organization wants to outsource their web development projects, then they should seek a web designing firm that specializes in the use of Laravel. Millions of websites and web applications appear every day, but only a few of them gain popularity and enough visitors.

In that respect, websites require striking features, great navigation, and appealing design. Therefore, you should consider using Laravel to create websites that can attract visitors by the thousands.

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