Why should you hire a full-time Laravel web development company in the USA?

First, you cannot deny that the websites for any businesses have a lot of impact on customers. Users decide in no time that they want to be on a particular website and need service or not. If you are thinking of specific development and advancement in the business, you need to take care of the web development platform. And that is what we are going to talk about — Laravel solutions.

What is Laravel?

Before we dive into which is the best and excellent Laravel development company and how to hire it? Let’s check the historical background of Laravel.

History of Laravel web development services

When it comes to the precise definition of Laravel, it is a web application with an expressive syntax that allows Laravel developers to appreciate the Laravel application creation phase fully. Laravel’s primary duty is to automate standard tasks used in most business software development programs, such as authentication, routing, meetings, and caching.

Without sacrificing product features, it allows Laravel developers to render the creation phase more enjoyable and innovative.

Laravel adheres to the MVC framework, also known as the Model View Controller structure, which allows it easy to understand and quickly test web applications. Laravel solutions are conveniently scalable and can help you create a project framework closely aligned with the web application.

Oh! Enough information about Laravel web development services and Laravel development company– It’s time to have the stats story.

Get it Straight with Stats

Laravel Usage Statistic (Source — Trends Builtwith)

Laravel is used by 646,086 websites, according to Builtwith statistics. And you will note that the curve has been moving upwards for the last seven years.

If you want to build a website with Laravel, Hire a top-class Laravel application development company in the United States.

Industry verticals where Laravel solution is used (Source — Similar Tech)

Here is the breakdown of usage of Laravel web development services by different industries, and you can see the Laravel is everywhere. Now, let us look at the geography-wise distribution of Laravel. This will help you understand the importance of the Laravel framework as per the industry and location.

Laravel usage across the globe (Source — SimilarTech)

Without a doubt, the United States tops the list, which is why we are discussing why you need to hire a Laravel application development company in the USA. USA is one of the countries that adapt to new changes and frameworks on a quick note. Clients across the USA have accepted Laravel as the primary technical framework for their web development services.

Let’s continue with the top features of Laravel solutions, which might help you make better decisions.

Top 7 features of Laravel Solutions

1. Security

2. Facility of Migration

3. Authentication (The Key Ingredient)

4. Increase in performance by Caching

5. Routing (It’s the easiest thing on Laravel)

An ever Laravel route can also be used to construct powerful search engine relatable URLs with complete moldability and authority.

6. Modular Structure

Laravel web development framework uses a set of modules to create a modular framework. You can quickly design a broad-scale business software development framework using this modular framework.

7. Testing and Debugging

Laravel on Google Trends

Google Trends for Laravel compared to other frameworks (Source — Google Trends)

As per the data from Google Trends, 47 is the average value that reflects the interest over time in Laravel web development services. As of early 2021. However, in Feb 2021 — it hit up to the mark of 100.

If you are hiring a Laravel development company — Consider these things

1. Project Requirements

2. The end goal and Functionality

3. Approach in Testing

4. Delivery Time and Cost

5. Post project support

Being a business person, Why to choose Laravel for web applications?

Take every business program, and you can notice that it is component-based, personalized, and highly complex. To cope with certain complications, we need a structure that can accommodate these forms of complexities.

A Laravel solutions service provider would go a fair way in ensuring that the appropriate system is used to address those complexities.

Enterprise web application creation is a daunting task. Yet, with the technological insights and development of a Laravel developer and with the collaboration with a leading Laravel development company like MOON TECHNOLABS, the transformation will be much less complicated than you expected!

Here is the list of the top 5 reasons why to choose Laravel for a web application.

1. It makes coding easier

2. It is incredibly secure.

They even protect against someone who could adjust the POST request to a GET request, which provides extra security to the machine.

3. Project Environment that is Integrated

This is due to the architecture’s ability to include a more organized and coherent coding scheme with various web development requirements. Companies who prefer Laravel web creation over other platforms would benefit from the ease and pace of growth.

4. Database Replication

Laravel also performs well in this regard. It allows programmers to share databases with other designers to save time and energy throughout the creation phase. This feature separates Laravel from other frameworks.

5. MVC support

6. Open — Source

7. Dedicated Community

Companies that use Laravel

● 9GAG

● Pfizer


● TourRadar

● Crowdcube

● Ratio

● About you

● PedidosYa

The names mentioned above are the prominent International brands that have trust Laravel web development as their primary web language.

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Bottom Line

Laravel is, without a doubt, the right option. With our professional support, this will be the revolutionary decision to select Laravel for your application creation.

With these tips, it’s clear that Laravel web development is an excellent choice for web development. Collaborating with a reputable Laravel application development company in the United States is ideal for optimizing the platform’s benefits.

Look for someone who can create a personalized Web app creation focused on your basic requirements to solve your challenges and bring value to your business. Collaborate with MOON TECHNOLABS to recruit Laravel developers with the required skills and experience. You can write your business queries at sales@moontechnolabs.com.

We are only a call away in case of the requirement of a reputable Laravel development company. You may also recruit our professional Laravel developers for your project to help us better support you.

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