Use Voice Search To Monetize Google Searching More

Voice search has been continuously evolving over the last few years. It seemed like a far-fetched idea from a sci-fi book or movie, but it’s now a reality. Previously, you used to watch movies where actors would speak to computer devices for answers.

Back then, it felt as if it’s something that you would never experience for yourself. Today, voice search is entirely commonplace. Furthermore, it has a user base that’s growing significantly.

When it’s about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you need to be ready to do two important things. The first one is about researching keywords effectively. The second one is about adapting your SEO strategies for the future. Keyword research is crucial because your audience will seek out information, products, and services using those keywords.

Choosing appropriate SEO strategies is mandatory too, and it stems from different considerations. For one, Google’s ever-changing algorithms often end up making specific strategies ineffective and outdated. For the other, the way people search for information, products, and services is also changing with time. It’s precisely where the system of voice search steps into the scene.

Why you need it

Google Voice Search has been becoming popular ever since its inception. According to the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, one-fifth of all the queries placed before Google in 2016 were through voice searches. 2020 is here, and you can expect more people to use the voice search system.

Apart from that, digital assistants with Voice Recognition features are in every home these days, and mobile voice searches were taking place even before that. By looking at these numbers, one can safely say that the voice search option is currently commonplace. Google made it accessible on almost every major platform.

This particular Google Search Technique is exceptionally popular partly because its simplicity outruns every other conventional internet searching method. If you put yourself in the shoes of a regular individual who resorts Google to find answers to all his/her questions, then you will realize that the results you get can’t always satisfy you.

In specific cases, they even have to shuffle the words used or refine their searches even further to get to that point. Theoretically, voice search will get rid of the intricacies associated with conventional search by naturally leaning toward conversational speech instead of typing.

When you combine the facts mentioned above with the features possessed by digital assistants, you will understand why experts are saying that more than 50% of Google searches will be voice searches in 2020. So, if you are a business owner, then you must ask your SEO professionals to adopt new strategies and combine them with the existing ones so that you can reserve a spot for voice search optimization.

How to implement voice search in your SEO strategies

  1. Using structured data:

If you want to Learn Voice Search, then it can be better than to implement it in your SEO strategies. Here you will learn how to do so. First of all, you must use structured data. Do you prepare content solely for your audience? Then it’s one of the best places to start.

Search engines like Google prioritize several factors apart from content to determine the relevance of a page and its position in search results. An SEO professional can leverage all these additional factors to further optimize their content for search engines.

For an Effective Voice Search strategy, you need to rely on Schema markup or structured data. While it doesn’t affect rankings directly, it can give you an edge over your competitors.

2. Enlist your business in Google My Business:

iPhone App Development companies can create an iPhone App for a business owner that always appears when people use voice search to pry it out. How do they do it? Well, voice search experiences a huge number of hyper-local queries.

If you want to make it easier for your clients to find you, then you must share your business-related info at your website’s footer in simple text format. Users expect to find that data at that location. Commoners generally resort to two ways to find local businesses.

Either they use local keywords or depend on Google’s help to pinpoint their location and suggest product and service providers. Understandably, you must claim your listing in Google My Business.

3. Make your website mobile-friendly:

Business owners work with app development companies so that they get iOS Apps to make their website mobile-friendly. You too should the same. After all, most of the voice searches take place in mobile devices. Furthermore, your website has to be responsive.

For that purpose, you can use WordPress themes because their themes are inherently responsive. Google offers a testing tool that tells you whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. If you have to redesign your website, then this particular tool will tell you about the steps that you must take.

Apart from that, your site has to load faster than usual. People don’t have enough time to wait for a website that takes five minutes to load, and such a site will never pop up on voice searches.

4. Edifying blogs:

Finally, you need to create blog posts where your audience can get the answers to their questions. Also, everyone uses different keywords when they speak it instead of typing the same. Therefore, you should carefully listen to the words people use when they discuss you.

Upon collecting their common queries and phrases, you will be able to create content for them. Consequently, your website, smartphone applications, blogs, articles, and everything else will appear before a user when they look for you using the voice search system.

The benefits

  1. For optimization: The Best Android Apps will appear before a user when they use voice search to seek out information about products or services. If you can curate your content pieces appropriately and integrate voice search in your SEO, then it will make you and your business more authoritative than your rivals.
  2. Multiple languages: Since people will speak instead of typing anything, they can use their mother tongue. This feature makes the voice search option better than other searching methods. That’s why every Mobile App Development Company asks its clients to embrace voice search and implement the same in their SEO strategies.
  3. The relevance of verbal keywords: Since the input method will depend on speech, you need to conduct thorough research to find out the right keywords. While it may seem time-consuming at first, you will find everything that you need on search engines. You can sniff out the keywords that you need easily.
  4. Rebuilding content: You can also rebuild your content using the new keywords that are suitable for voice searches. You won’t have to write everything from scratch. You just have to replace the existing keywords with the new ones.


The voice-enabled searching system is here to stay and increase exponentially with time. After all, the world is delving deeper into an ever-expanding pool of technology. Quick and relevant responses combined with versatile and accessible options will be your favor with such a feature.

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