Let’s Promote Best Halloween And Black Friday Offer To Raise Your Beauty Salon Business In The Pandemic Crisis

Summary: In the present day and age, social distancing is the new rule that can save humanity from the clutches of COVID-19. While social distancing is good for the general public, it’s one of the worst things for a business company, particularly the smaller ones. There has been a significant drop in foot traffic because more and more customers are choosing to stay home in self-quarantine. Business owners believe that the impact of the coronavirus will be more long-lasting beyond all anticipations. It’s going to ruin Halloween, Black Friday, and other celebrations. Understandably, merchants in every industry are seeking ways to retain their customers during the coronavirus lockdown. Here are some ways to keep both your customers and employees engaged from a distance.

It wasn’t before 2020 that the novel coronavirus disease became a factor of importance in the cosmetics and personal care industry. In reality, it didn’t affect the world as significantly as it did after the first month of 2020. Once it grasped the world, nothing escaped it. Everything underwent massive changes that will probably remain forever. If you’re part of the beauty industry, then you need to go through this topic.

It’s safe to say that the effects of the virus and its impact on the world will remain as it is until researchers and scientists can develop an effective vaccine. It’s also a well-known fact that the research work and development of vaccines take almost one to two years. Understandably, nobody would be able to celebrate Halloween or Black Friday like they used to even a year ago. Social distancing protocols would remain in place for the rest of 2020. In such a situation, how can you retain your clients and sustain your business?

The experts of a custom beauty salon app development company say that social distancing is good for the general public. However, the same isn’t good for any business, especially the smaller ones. Social distancing even affected the best custom beauty salon app development company. After all, most salons had to close their shop until further notice. If these salon owners can’t earn money, how can they pay for salon and beauty care appointment mobile app solutions? Nevertheless, the following strategies can help you retain your customers and even acquire new ones. Of course, these strategies would be more effective if you could invest in salon and beauty care appointment mobile app solutions, but you can look into these tactics as soon as you’re able to pay for an app for your business.

1.) Proactive communication: The situation is passing through a continuous phase of evolution. As a result, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Your customers can empathize with you if you’re facing a crisis, but only if you communicate with them properly. You should let your customers know everything that you’re doing. Inform them if you’re going to close your doors, change your hours, or any steps that you’re taking to keep your employees and work environment safe and clean. No matter what you’re doing for your business, you should tell your clients about your plans through social media channels, email, or your website. Apart from discussing the logistics of your approach with your clients, you should allow them to stay in touch with you. Nothing else works better than what an on-demand beauty care and salon app development specialist can provide.

2.) Gift card promotion: Gift cards can provide you with an infusion of cash immediately. They can also guarantee a customer’s return to your business in the future. This approach works as effectively for beauty salons as it does for restaurants. The margins are notoriously thin for the latter, but gift cards have been helping many restaurants stay afloat.

3.) Live streaming or video chatting: You should consider going digital with your services to continue to provide access to your clients who are sitting at their homes wishing they could support your business. You can take care of this task if you already have an app created by the specialists of on-demand beauty care and salon app development. However, if you don’t have one, then you can use tools, such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. Through these video calling apps, you can offer your services remotely.

4.) Online events: For a few merchants, the biggest pain point is the cancellation of events. One crucial point worth mentioning here is that almost every consumer is craving entertainment of some sort while remaining quarantined at home. It’s precisely where Instagram Live or Facebook Live can come in handy. If you planned to open a new store, launch a new product, or celebrate your salon’s anniversary, then you could showcase the events to your clients using live streaming apps. It’s an excellent method of engaging your customers while building goodwill. You’ll also be able to sell your products and services at the same time.

Utilize discounts

Finally, you can use discounted offers to your advantage. It’s the best time to entice long-term purchases with discounts. As long as it aligns with your business model, you can encourage your clients to lock in a one-year membership now at an inexpensive price. The same works for gyms as well. If you sell beauty products, apart from providing beautification services, then you can offer free or discounted shipping for customers who place their orders online.




As I am working with one of the top mobile app development companies, Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., I manage stuff like mobile app brainstorming and promo activity

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Willa Anderson

Willa Anderson

As I am working with one of the top mobile app development companies, Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., I manage stuff like mobile app brainstorming and promo activity

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